Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 New Year's Resolutions

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Whoa, my first post for 2011. First off, I want to greet everybody. Happy New Year! The dawn of the New Year has got me thinking about my personal goals for this blog. Last December, I posted in a rather haphazard way with memes and my thoughts on books all thrown together. This year, I want this blog to be a little more organized. Here are my blogging goals for the year:
  1. Come up with at least one weekly feature, book-related of course. I still have to think about this one.
    1. Last month, I only posted my thoughts on two books. Hopefully, I can post about three or more books monthly.
    2. Start discussions on book or literature-related topics at least once a month. I usually say "I'm-on-the-fence" when asked about my opinion on a particular topic, but I think 2011 is a great year to start being opinionated.
    3. Comment on other people’s blogs more. This might sound creepy but I tend to be a lurker when it comes to other people’s blogs. I read what they have to say about certain topics, but I don’t comment. I have to cure this habit of mine.
    I hope I can accomplish my 2011 blogging goals. I've only been blogging for less than a month, but I've already interacted with so many amazing book bloggers, and, wow, I can't believe I have fifteen followers already. If you're reading this, thanks for stopping by this little blog of mine.

    How about you? What are your blogging goals for 2011?


    Amanda said...

    Okay so I have to ask, if it's not too personal - where are you located? I'm asking because this post just came in my reader and it's 10:30am on Friday the 31st for me. :D I love knowing where people are coming from!

    Great goals and I'm looking forward to seeing where your blog takes you!

    Darlyn (Your Move, Dickens) said...

    Amanda: I'm from the Philippines. It's 12:38 AM here right now, and the sky is alive with fireworks. Now that I think about it... It's kind of amazing that it's already 2011 here in my side of the world, and it's still 2010 in yours, gives a whole new meaning to the term 'different time zones.' :)

    elodie2310 said...

    Congrats for your 15 followers !! I will definitely follow you for more ... =)
    Elodie from !!

    Allie said...

    I love all your goals! And I am so glad I found your lovely blog (I ADORE the name-cracks me up). I wish you a lot of luck in the New Year!

    Don't be afraid to comment! I try and comment as much as possible...even when it feels like I have nothing to say. :)

    Elizabeth Bauman said...

    I'm glad you found my blog so I could find yours. :) I'm with you, I need to leave more comments. I think I often feel I have nothing of value to say but perhaps I need stretch myself bit more. Happy New Year!

    Read the Book said...

    Darlyn, I found your blog via Thomas (My Porch) and just had to check out the blog with Dickens in the title! I am a Dickens fanatic, and I always enjoying finding and reading other blogs that celebrate his awesomeness! I look forward to reading more.

    Leah said...

    Hi, Thanks for stopping by and stepping out of the shadows to comment - sounds like you are meeting one of your goals already. We have been blogging about books for about a year and we have to get back on track...maybe we need some goals?!
    Looking forward to reading what you have to say in the new year!


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