Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Importance of the About Me Page

This is me being creepy on the internet.

I’m going to admit to some of my slightly stalkerish tendencies here.

Whenever I stumble across a new (to me, at least) book blog, I always visit the About Me page first if there is one.

No, I don’t look for addresses, pictures of firstborns, or blackmail material. I usually look at the blogger's favorite books (dearsweetjesus, please don't say Twilight/Fallen) and why they started a book blog (on a quest to read books in the Modern Library's 100 Best Novels List? to stay sane? to have a creative outlet?). Knowing the little details, like his or her favorite book is Rebecca by Daphne DuMaurier, makes reading posts a little more personal, like you’re communicating with a real person instead of a computer screen.

For me, The About Me page sets the tone for the actual blog. When I read a short bio on a book blogger’s About Me page, I can start to tell if they blog with a humorous, completely serious, or warm voice. I get a handle of what the rest of the blog is like.

Since About Me pages fascinate me so much, I wondered how I come across when people read my About Me page (which, I assure you, isn’t often). Slightly deranged might be the answer to that, but that’s just me. On a serious, however, I did try to sound like myself on my About Me page, including smalls details like my fascination with Ryan’s Goslings abs or how much I love The Great Gatsby. Those are just tiny things that don't sum up who I am, but I hope they make people feel like we could  be friends in, like, real life.

So, do you think About Me pages make the whole blogging experience a little more personal? Do you also check out the About Me pages of other bloggers or am I just really, really nosy?


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